Exhibition Invitation | China (Zhejiang) Lighting Industry Supply Chain Supporting Conference and th





In order to better promote the development of the whole industry chain of the lighting industry, focus on the industrial linkage between upstream, midstream and downstream, adhere to the goal of low-carbon, intelligent, healthy and high-quality development, build a new lighting development pattern, and constantly enhance the overall influence of Zhejiang Lighting, Zhejiang Lighting Association decided to hold the '27th China (Zhejiang) Lighting Industry Supply Chain Supporting Conference and the 8th LED Lighting Innovation Forum'.


We sincerely invite you to come to this forum to exchange and share your views and experience. At that time, Yu Zhiming Control will also participate in the forum with intelligent lighting integrated management and control platform scheme and multiple control systems, bringing different visual experience to everyone on the scene. We sincerely look forward to your coming to the forum for exchange and guidance!


The theme of this meeting: 'Collaborative innovation, low-carbon intelligence, high-quality development'. The conference will focus on upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and organize upstream and downstream enterprises to participate in the conference, focusing on collaborative innovation. At the same time, discuss the development direction of lighting industry in Zhejiang Province, promote cross-border integration, seek win-win cooperation, and promote the long-term healthy development of lighting industry.

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