The 27th China Lighting Industry Supply Chain Supporting Conference





In the afternoon of June 28, the 27th China (Zhejiang) Lighting Industry Supply Chain Supporting Conference and the 8th LED Lighting Innovation Forum were successfully concluded in Hangzhou after the successful completion of various agendas.


In this forum, Minvol Technology showed up with video glass, and the venue was equipped with an enterprise display area. In the product display area, Minvol Technology video glass attracted many delegates' attention with its exquisite design structure and up to 90% transmittance. Minghao Technology had in-depth exchanges and interactions with the delegates.


Yu Lei, Deputy General Manager of Minvol Technology, introduced video glass to forum guests

Minvol Technology video glass is simple and convenient to install, and is very suitable for application scenarios of building curtain walls, boutique shop windows, commercial partitions, escalator barriers, exhibition equipment, subway station entrances, station yard decoration, and art installations.


The forum ended successfully in a warm atmosphere, and the simultaneous online live broadcast also attracted the attention of a large number of audience who could not be present. Through the keynote speech, the forum shared cutting-edge technologies and solutions, successful experiences and best practices of innovative lighting, and discussed the difficulties and solutions in the growth process of enterprises, so as to correctly understand and apply the purpose of collaborative innovation and low-carbon intelligence for the majority of lighting enterprises, guide the direction of promoting lighting innovation and transformation, and light the beacon of progress. As the leading enterprise in the field of building materials display, Minghao Technology will continue to strengthen its innovation ability in the future, devote itself to studying the most advanced technologies, and constantly provide high-quality and efficient products to boost the high-quality development of the lighting industry.

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