Shenzhen Talent Park Art Installation
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2021 Shenzhen Light and Shadow Art Season

Light and Shadow Works Based on Integrating into Citizen Life

Explored more flexible urban spaces

A more vibrant night economy and a more colorful urban spectrum

During the event from December 18, 2021 to February 18, 2022, a large number of light and shadow art works appeared on the streets of Shenzhen, bringing unexpected beauty to citizens. The works cover various types of light and shadow installations, 3D projections, light and shadow sculptures, luminous gas models, immersive space and underwater works.

In order to better showcase the artistic, academic, and international influence of the Light and Shadow Art Season, the organizing committee invited 32 representatives from the fields of art, design, lighting, media, and the public to form a jury. The jury evaluated the thematic, local, artistic, and public aspects of the works. After the publicity was completed, 10 Golden Awards, 20 Star Awards, and 20 Qi Guang Awards were ultimately awarded.

These excellent works ignite people's novel imagination of daily life through innovative artistic presentation, and also add different aesthetic scenes and exploration interests to the city.

And 'Boundless: Like a Fish in Water' stood out from 145 sets of 284 light and shadow art works after intense competition, winning only 10 gold awards


Gold Award

 Boundless • Like a fish in water  

   Du Jianxiang (DASUN Dasheng Environmental Art)

    Shenzhen Minvol Technology Co., Ltd


The Dasheng team and Minghao team sincerely cooperate and embrace technology in art, perfectly presented in 'Boundless: Like Fish in Water', which utilizes the following new technologies and products of Minghao Technology:

Smart Lighting Cloud Service

Cultural and Tourism Light Show System

New generation video glass




▲ Minvol Video Glass


The video glass in the picture is a revolutionary product developed and launched by Minvol Technology after a year of research and development. It adopts a brand new patented design to achieve a transparency rate of over 90%; Double sided fully tempered ultra white glass reduces the screen thickness to 7.5mm; More customizable sizes according to project requirements; The product uses high grayscale chips; Protection level IP65; Good sealing performance, able to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor applications in multiple scenarios.

Boundless: Like a Fish in Water 'adopts the' Yuzhi Intelligent Control Urban Lighting Comprehensive Control Platform ', which integrates sound, light, electricity, interaction, mechanical lifting, and big data cloud platform IoT+as an artistic lighting installation. It can achieve intelligent control of the power supply system and communication system, support code scanning interaction, and have lifting control (perfectly presenting the design concept of not seeing light). It can view the on-site operation situation through the Yuming control platform, and has advantages such as safety, stability, and intelligence. This platform utilizes IoT+, big data, and cloud platform technologies to create an efficient, flexible, secure, and reliable comprehensive control platform at the system level.