Wonderland Coast Fresh Yantai
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About Yantai

Yantai City is a coastal city in China, a provincial-level city in Shandong Province, a national historical and cultural city, awarded the China Habitat Environment Award, the Best Charming City of China, and a National Civilized City. The largest fishing port in Shandong Province and one of the earliest ports in China to open up to the outside world. Yantai is located near the mountains and the sea, with a pleasant climate. There is no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer. The average temperature throughout the year is around 12 degrees Celsius, making it a famous tourist and leisure resort in northern China. Known as the 'Shanhaixian City'. Yantai is rich in natural resources, rich in seafood and gold.

仙境海岸 鲜美烟台

△ Haizi, mirage, and advection fog are the three unique natural wonders of Yantai

Project Cases

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for light environment has also increased. For a city, light environment has become an indispensable and important component of urban landscape. The Smart Halo Festival project is one of the main components of urban nighttime landscape construction, and is also an important symbol that reflects the overall style, cultural characteristics, and development level of a city. With the rapid development of Yantai's economy, it is constantly creating brilliance in social construction. More and more 'Chinese Dream' and 'World Dream' are emerging, making the image of Yantai, a modern port city, clearer in front of the world.

Overnight, Yantai seems to have a bright city, and overnight, Yantai seems to have a shining city. The design and implementation of the Yumingxin Smart Cloud Project allows Yantai to showcase a colorful, clear, and distinctive lighting image at night. Build Yantai into a high-quality, high-quality, and suitable lighting environment for the city's image.

仙境海岸 鲜美烟台 

At a time when countless lights are shining and everyone is celebrating, Yumingxin technical engineers still stand in front of urban buildings, making final preparations for the lighting of municipal buildings.

仙境海岸 鲜美烟台

They have been up and down all night, just to give everyone the first blessing of the New Year.

In the lighting engineering of Yantai, the main products used are: node servers, multi-functional main controllers, sub controllers, automatic terminals, cloud+systems, etc. Among them, the Yunzhi+platform organically combines various related data and functions, enabling a clear understanding of the asset status, voltage and current, energy conservation and consumption reduction, warning information display, and work order information display of the equipment. Analyze equipment status, environment, energy consumption, and costs, deeply mine data, provide various protections, ensure the security of cloud devices, and leverage the role of intelligent monitoring and management platforms to provide guarantees for the construction of lighting projects.

The following is the lighting effect of Yantai, allowing us to experience the 'Wonderland Coast' of Yantai up close

The 'Belt and Five Areas' illuminated area is shining brightly, stunning the eyes of the entire city and showcasing Yu Mingxin's efforts.

The dazzling Yantai, the prosperous Yantai, has become a scenery in people's hearts in the flow of light. The brilliant light flows in front of people and freezes in their hearts through the 'Belt and Five Zones'. The lighting interacts and complements each other. Night Yantai, from now on, shines brightly!


仙境海岸 鲜美烟台