LED lighting studio software
LED lighting studio software
LED lighting studio software
LED lighting studio software

主要功能/Main Function

· Video files: support various formats of video files, picture files, txt documents, Word documents, etc.

· File window: various types, including file window, text window, video input window, date time window, timing window, webpage window, pattern window.

· Play window: it can grab the computer desktop and realize real-time play.

· Split screen: multi screen effect can be achieved through window setting.

· Pin sequence: automatically generate a test file to test the chip pin sequence, and then adjust the pin sequence or pin vacancy accordingly.

· Lamp type: standard DMX512, extended DMX512, SM16512 series, UCS512 series, MBI6023/24, MBI6020/21, MBI6120, MY9221/31, TM1803/04/09/12, TM1814, TM1914/16, UCS1903/04/09/12, UCS2903/09/12, UCS8903, UCS9812, P9813/16/23/26/83, WS2813/21/18 and other ICs.

· Controller detection: supports online detection of controller status, 12 status detection and 13 early warning detection of power supply.

· One key address writing: It can encode the open DMX512IC with one key.

· Engineering wiring diagram: it is more intuitive and quick to use the tracing method.

· Set background: For complex projects, use the method of setting background to import CAD drawings or circle point picture files, which can easily complete the engineering wiring diagram.