Single light controller YM203
Single light controller YM203
Single light controller YM203
Single light controller YM203

Main functions

· Communicate with centralized single lamp integrated terminal through RS485 bus;

· Equipped with light switch control function;

· Equipped with voltage, current, power measurement, and electricity metering functions;

· It has functions such as reporting on/off light status, alarming abnormal light status, and alarming abnormal communication;

· Equipped with remote control, telemetry, and remote signaling functions;

· Equipped with a standard single light dimming interface, output in DC0-10V dimming mode (or PWM mode); Longitude and latitude switch light control technology, automatic operation according to  rules throughout the year;

· It can be controlled by group, and the combination of multiple single lights can achieve a midnight light control scheme of one light every other and one light every two;

· Has independent operation capability, and controls single lights according to pre-set control methods in case of communication abnormalities;

· Each output has multiple sets of light on/off time settings per day, meeting the requirement of multiple light on/off times per day;

· Equipped with weekly lighting settings, providing convenience for only turning on lights on weekends;

· Data power-off protection function: maintain data loss and accurate clock timing during power outage;

· It has the function of remote configuration and querying various settings.

· Equipped with remote control and upgrade function;

· A special design with a single lamp controller fault that does not affect normal light switching.

Single light controller YM203