Intelligent Control Terminal YM123-4G-K1
Intelligent Control Terminal YM123-4G-K1
Intelligent Control Terminal YM123-4G-K1

Main Function 

· Real time monitoring of terminal status through mobile mini programs;

· Longitude and latitude switch light control technology, automatic operation according to rules throughout the year;

· 1 control output, active output, using a 50A magnetic holding relay, low power consumption, and large contact capacity;

· Remote control function: remotely control the power on and off of the device through a mini program;

· Remote communication function: Feedback the working status and information on site to the mini program;

· Telemetry function: It can remotely measure various electrical parameters on site (voltage, current, power, power factor);

· A combination of remote control, time control, and on-site manual control method;

· Use 4G wireless public network communication method to communicate with the monitoring cloud platform;

· Has independent operation capability, and executes according to pre-set time control strategies in case of communication abnormalities;

· Flexible and convenient time control settings: Users can set and modify the on/off time of lights from a small program;

· Data power-off protection function: maintain data loss and accurate clock timing during power outage;

· Status indication: Use Chinese LCD display to directly display various statuses;

· Equipped with manual switches for easy on-site debugging and maintenance.

Intelligent Control Terminal YM123-4G-K1