Ping An Bank, Luohu, Shenzhen





Shenzhen, also known as Pengcheng, Shenzhen is the State Council's positioning of the national economic center and international city, and Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and known as China's four major first-line cities 'North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen'. Shenzhen is China's reform and opening up the establishment of the first special economic zone, is the window of China's reform and opening up, has developed into a certain influence of the international city, created the world's attention 'Shenzhen speed'.

Ping An Bank, known as Ping An Bank Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock commercial bank with cross-regional operations controlled by Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. and is one of the 12 national joint-stock commercial banks in mainland China. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Shenzhen Luohu District, Shenzhen Shennan East Road, Ping An Bank Building is a landmark building in the financial district of Shenzhen, the recent facade matched with colorful and dazzling night lighting lighting, but also to make the Ping An Bank Building has become a beautiful landscape in the financial district!

The Ping An Bank Building night lighting project by Shenzhen Qianbaihui Lighting Engineering Company to win the bid to undertake construction, the lamps and lanterns using Shenzhen Minghao Technology's P25 grille screen, 1 million pixels!

The lighting control system using Shenzhen Yuming Xin technology, a master controller YM-TX902 with eight sub-control 156 YM-RX803 units of joint light control lamps!

Yuming Xin master controller YM-TX902 is committed to solving the three major problems of the night lighting control system:

1. Large number of points with loaded screen lagging not smooth;

2. Offline editing program file frame number is limited;

3. Offline program files are too large, resulting in storage and card reading speed can not keep up.

YM-TX902 is beyond the ordinary, unique, with a high degree of integration, reliability, stability, bandwidth capacity and HDMI USB HD output and other advantages and features.

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